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I am using Quartz as followed:

 schedulerFactory = new StdSchedulerFactory();
    scheduler = schedulerFactory.getScheduler();
    JobDetail startECMSJob = new JobDetail("startECMSJob", "group1", StartECMSJob.class);       
    Trigger trigger = TriggerUtils.makeMinutelyTrigger(30); 
    scheduler.scheduleJob(startECMSJob, trigger);

Problem is that Quartz starting straight away on deploy. I do want it to start only 30 mins after deploy. same thign when I rescehduale it. I dont want it to start straight away as it rescheduale.

rescheduale code:

    //JobDetail startECMSJob = new JobDetail("startECMSJob", "group1", StartECMSJob.class);
        JobDetail jobDetail=jobContext.getJobDetail();      
        Trigger trigger = TriggerUtils.makeSecondlyTrigger(30); 
        Scheduler scheduler = jobContext.getScheduler();        
        scheduler.rescheduleJob("TriggersGroup1", "group1", trigger);

any idea how can i choose the first trigger? thanks, ray.

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trigger.setStartTime(new Date(System.currentTimeMillis() + 30 * 60 * 1000));
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