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What is good free tool (both online, offline) to convert code (could be also html code) text snippet (already formatted) to html with code highlighting (keywords at least) and keep original formatting (as html snippet already) to make it possible to insert to blog?

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If you are using WordPress, I can recommend this extension. It should be exactly what you are looking for.

Just an example, taken from the page:

enter image description here

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I had good experience google-prettify - the same engine they use here at SO. Based on javascript, should be pretty easy to integrate, even in content management systems (did it with Plone)

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you can do this in visual studio it self. create empty html file and copy the code whatever you want. then paste it in to design view of the above created temporary html file. it will generate the formatting with syntax highlighting.

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Almost sounds legit. If Design View doesn't exist, right click the HTML and Open With WebForms Editor. But pasting code into Design View just turns to black text. I wish you'd revisit this though if it still works in 2015. – Suamere Nov 18 at 23:34

I use SyntaxHighlighter which works quite well on BlogSpot.

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