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What are the available Sybase GUI clients for Windows.

I have tried DBVisualizer and RazorSQL any other recommendations. Free preferred

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u can try "Interactive SQL" which shipped with Sybase 15 Client, it's better than Sql Advantage, and it's free to download via. Sybase website.

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Some suggestions here and here.

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One other solution would be sqlDeveloper from oracle (if you are used to it). You can make it work with Sybase databases by downloading the jTDS driver. Then you can go to sqlDeveloper and choose Tools -> Preferences -> Database -> Third Party JDBC driver. It will work like a charm.

I find it very convinient as i was used to sqlDeveloper, so i can add any driver for any DB provider i want.

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I like SQL Workbench/J, sort of like DBVisualiser but entirely free. It can connect to a lot of databases (that have JDBC drivers) and has a handy datapump/data replication tool, that can also be used in batch mode.

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Aqua Data Studio seems popular with the clients I work with. But I generally use the tools from Sybase : Interactive SQL (SQL Editor) and Sybase Central (Data Schema, Debugger etc)

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You can try a non commercial client TOAD for sybase and a comercial client like dbArtisan that allows you debug of the stored procedures what for me its very usefull.

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