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I have a DatePicker in my activity. I want to store the selected date when the user clicks a button like this.

Date selectedDate=new Date(dp.getYear(), dp.getMonth(), dp.getDayOfMonth());

the problem is when the selected date is like today's: Feb 15 2010

the date returned from the


is 3910-02-15, so the year is 3910 instead of 2011

what is wrong with this ?


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Code is looking fine, but i think when you are trying to display date in the format Feb 15 2010, at that time problem is being raised.

I suggest check the format that you are using to display your selectedDate.

So you can try as given below:

 txtViewDate.setText("Today is " + android.text.format.DateFormat.getLongDateFormat(this).format(new Date())); 
// in your case selectedDate instead of new Date()
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Thanks for the info, I realized that the constructor of the Date class requires that the year number minus 1900. –  Mina Samy Feb 15 '11 at 13:55

Please take a look at the example

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I got it, the problem is in the conversion of the selected year value to the date object then displaying it as a string. The date object constructor require the year value minus 1900.

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