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How can I set the session expiry time to 10 minutes for the whole of my site? I cannot use the php.ini as its on shared hosting.

Is there a global method I could use?

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I don't think so.

You can save the timestamp of the last refresh of your website into a session and compare it with the current time on the next reload.

if(isset($_SESSION['expiretime'])) {
    if($_SESSION['expiretime'] < time()) {
        //logged out
    else {
        $_SESSION['expiretime'] = time() + 600;
//maybe add some login procedures and than execute the following line
$_SESSION['expiretime'] = time() + 600;
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Realy tricky subject , you can use the following :


Witch actualy sets the cookie params , so the cookie expires after 10 min , when the user makes a request the browser whont send the phpsessid cookie so php will issue a new session . The problem is that it whont unset the previous session so the previous session will still be valid .


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session_set_cookie_params() expires all the available sessions after given time. but no one wants to destroy all the sessions. what if ppl wnt to expire specific session but not all?? –  Rafique Mohammed Mar 4 '14 at 6:32

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