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I want to use two exceptions.

the first: The user can say (every time, in the whole application) "stop" and then the program exits.

the second:

I have following Code:

<form id="test">    
    <field name="test1">        
        <prompt bargein="true" bargeintype="hotword" > choose xy</prompt>
        <grammar root="main" version="1.0" xml:lang="de-DE">
            <rule id="main" scope="public">

                    didn't get it

            didn't hear you ?


            <assign name="myvar" expr="test1" />
            <value expr="myvar"/> chosen



I want that the user can say a word of my choice, and then a help-exception triggers - like

choose the following: x,y,z,...

how can i use such a exception handler?


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I solved it like this:

I added an item:


and checked if the item was chosen:


            <if cond="test1 == 'help'">
                <prompt>say xy.</prompt>
                <goto next="#test" />


                        <assign name="myvar" expr="test1" />
                         <value expr="myZeitraum"/> chosen.
                        <goto next="#KPI" />
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