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I use atocomplete.jquery plugin to suggest input text, as the result i get this array:

['White 023','White','White flower', 'Teatr']

When i start to search something thats begin from "te" substring it shows me array sorting like this:

'White','White 023','White flower', 'Teatr'

I need something like this:

 'Teatr','White','White 023','White flower'

Any ideas?

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You can find some useful answers to this topic here: Sorting objects in an array by a field value in JavaScript –  jherax Nov 5 '14 at 16:00

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It could be that the plugin is case-sensitive. Try inputting 'Te' instead of 'te'. You can probably have your results setup to not be case-sensitive. This SO question might help.

For a custom sort function on an Array, you can use any javascript function and pass it as parameter to an Arrays sort method

var ar = ['White 023','White','White flower', 'Teatr'];
// Teatr White White 023 White flower
ar.sort(function(x, y){ 
    if (x < y) {
        return -1;
    if (x > y) {
        return 1;
    return 0;
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Now i need sorting use this cases: –  kirugan Feb 17 '11 at 8:48
Custom sort() calls are useful, but this example is misleading. The comparison function should not return a boolean, but rather a signed integer where a negative return value means x < y, positive means x > y and 0 means x = 0. For example, if x and y were integers, it would be easy to write such a function as function(x, y) { return x - y; } –  Tyler Oct 30 '12 at 7:47
You are right Tyler! When i saw the accepted solution i wanted to comment correction but you did it first. –  orosznyet Mar 12 '13 at 9:53
@Tyler I think you mean that a return value of 0 means x=y, not x=0. –  abw333 Jul 22 '13 at 16:31
@abw333 Yes! That was a typo. Too bad I can't edit that comment anymore. –  Tyler Jul 22 '13 at 22:47

For Objects try this:

function sortBy(field){
    return function(a, b){
        if (a[field] > b[field])
         return -1;
      if (a[field] < b[field])
        return 1;
      return 0;
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