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I am inserting some raw data into a table in MS SQL 2005 from excel. Some of these data are not formatted correctly ie the amount colum is formatteT as a number 12345 whereas i need to be like 123.45 so i use this CAST(TRANSACTION_HISTORY.AMOUNT AS decimal) / 100 to convert it correctly. However is there a way to use the cast in an insert statement??


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You can use CAST in any kind of statement(Insert, update, delete, select) where you use data.

Insert into table1 values( CAST(col1 as nvarchar(50)) )
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I assume you're using a linked server or openquery to get the data from excel. You can cast in the select statement.


SELECT Cast(Transaction_History.Amount AS Decimal)/100

You could also just update all values in the table after you do the import

UPDATE YourTable
SET YourColumn = YourColumn/100
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