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I'm looking for a method in jQuery Mobile to get the path of the current page regardless of if it has been navigated to directly or loaded through Ajax.

So for both:


the same path should be returned:


I know this can probably be extracted from location.href, but it will require some additional code so I'm wondering if there is a simpler more robust way.

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If you're looking for the current path or page id, you could use:

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So I finally found that you can get this by doing:

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You can also $('.ui-page-active').data('absUrl') to get absolute url of the active page. – M.ElSaka Oct 6 '13 at 12:02

It's location.href AND location.hash

There also is a generated <base> element that contains a href you should find helpful.

Mentioned here:

Caution: it says the documentation needs to be updated.

Also - please read a bit about progressive enhancement on which JQM bases its idea, because you might not want to deal with links from javascript.

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Try this one.

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doesn't work in IE. :( – Carter Aug 26 '14 at 19:47

$.mobile.activePage doesn't work if you need to know page url before pageinit event. If you want to get current page url at any time you can use such a method:

getCurrentPageUri: function() {
    var currentUrl = $.mobile.path.parseUrl(window.location);
    var result = currentUrl.hash && currentUrl.hash.split("?")[0];
    return (result && result.substring(1)) || currentUrl.pathname;
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The solution from Reoger Ertesvag didn't work for me as it has always the same value even after pageChange. I use this one instead and it works great:


Be careful as it doesn't work on pageinit but on pageshow.

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