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I would like to have 2 video windows playing a (same file for now) video. As I'm still new to c# and DirectShow I'm having problems with this and haven't found any working examples for multi-video solutions. I can get it to work for 1 window from samples, and would like to know what else is required to get the 2nd window working. Do I need to create a separate filter for the 2nd one aswell, or just fiddling around with the handles is enough?

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I got a small problem after toying with it alot. The 1st video goes into its place nicely ,but the second one just keeps poping up in the Active Movie Video Window. Do I need to add a 2nd IVideoWindow? If yes ,how should try it? –  Ernő Simonyi Feb 23 '11 at 15:10

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What problems are you facing for multi-video rendering ?

As far as I know, you need to create one graph per video stream you want to have rendered, i.e. one Source/(Transform)/Render chain per stream. I don't think using a single render filter and playing with the windows handles is going to work (but I may be mistaken).

If you need to play the same video file in two different windows, just connect a Smart Tee filter after your source filter (or after your decompression filters), and connect a render filter to each of the Smart Tee's output pins.

If you want an easy method to test Directshow graphs, use GraphEdit (available in the DirectX SDK and in many other places on the Internet).

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Yes apparently a single render filter is not enough,it only showed one of the videos in the window no matter what I did. Thank you very much for the suggestion,got it working using GraphEdit. –  Ernő Simonyi Feb 16 '11 at 12:11

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