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I am, from only some users, getting a InvalidAuthenticityToken exception. When I examine the error I can see that the request has "\r\n" added to the authenticity_token parameter (ie: "authenticity_token"=>"YfYr7bzy1MFzNHPvrSOIdrYuuAG3SHZy/OBJyV3yUSg=\r\n").

I don't know anything about the browser other than that it is IE7.

I have a feeling it is their firewall doing something to the request. I think a smart solution would be to create a Rack middleware that removes the line breaks if they exist. Can anyone show me how that would be done? (I have NO Rack experience).



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I don't have the answer but I've read about general problems with IE and the authenticity token before. Until you get an answer here, I recommend more Web and mailing list searching. – TK-421 Feb 15 '11 at 14:19
Ok - thanks for the tip. I have done nothing but searching for the answer and for some reason I find nothing. – jriff Feb 17 '11 at 8:21
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I have investigated and I can find no solution for this. It is not IE or IE7 in particular. I ended up making the following middleware:

class AuthenticityTokenFix
  def initialize(app)

  def call(env)
    if env["rack.request.form_hash"] && env["rack.request.form_hash"]["authenticity_token"]

That solved the problem.

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