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I'm using PIL to process uploaded images. Unfortunately, I'm having trouble with color conversion from CMYK to RGB, as the resulting images tone and contrast changes.

I'd suspect that it's only doing direct number transformations. Does PIL, or anything built on top of it, have an Adobian dummy-proof consume embedded profile, convert to destination, preserve numbers tool I can use for conversion?

In all my healthy ignorance and inexperience, this sort of jumped at me and it's got me in a pinch. I'd really like to get this done without engaging any intricacies of color spaces, transformations and the necessary math for both at this point.

Though I've never previously used it, I'm also disposed at using ImageMagick for this processing step if anyone has experience that it can perform it in a gracious manner.

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So it didn't take me long to run into other people mentioning Little CMS, being the most popular open source solution for color management. I ended snooping around for Python bindings, found the old pyCMS and some ostensible notions about PIL supporting Little CMS.

Indeed, there is support for Little CMS, it's mentioned in a whole whopping one-liner:

CMS support: littleCMS (1.1.5 or later is recommended).

The documentation contains no references, no topical guides, Google didn't crawl out anything, their mailing list is closed... but digging through the source there's a PIL.ImageCms module that's well documented and get's the job done. Hope this saves someone from a messy internet excavation.

Goes off getting himself a cookie...

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