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I have been given the task of creating an Autorun installer for a distributable CD, and thought I would challenge the task with Flash. In previous versions of flash it was possible to use fscommand and trickery to run other local exe files, but due to virus creators and what-not, this has been reworked and totally destroyed for others to use.

So as a Flash developer I have hit a bit of a brick wall with this, and am asking out for any alternative ideas anybody may have? I am quite open with learning new languages/programs, and would like any expert advice from people in the know.

Just as a heads up for what features are required: GUI with simple graphics/buttons Ability to launch external exe/pdf files must be able to be compiled to an exe, which can be launched by any windows machine without installing third party software eg Java.

The only simple solution I have thought of is making an html page, but using a browser is something I want to avoid doing!

Please Help :)


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You can continue using flash freely if you want. There is a bunch of projector tools like northcode swf studion, Zink, mProjector and others. You can also create your own tool using any system programing language that produces windows executable - the only thing you will need - is to create an ActiveX instance of Flash Player and set up minimalistic API to allow Flash call required system functions.

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