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I have been searching for a little while on this one. I need a JTreeTable that supports variable row height. Specifically, I want the rows that show the top level nodes to be taller than the child rows beneath them.

I have been using the SwingX implementation (JXTreeTable) which is based on the original Sun articles. However, it specifically disallows variable row height, and without rewriting JXTree I can't see a way through.

Any tips / pointers would be gratefully received before I embark on something nasty...

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NetBeans has the Outline component which is a tree table, and it can be used outside NetBeans (just find the right JAR files). Here is an article about it:

I may be wrong but I believe it supports variable row heights.

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+1 Have started to look at this - you're right in that you do get variable row heights. Still trying to figure out if the rest of it is mature enough for me. – serg10 Feb 28 '11 at 9:07

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