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I just wrote a Java program for drawing, and instead of redefining a lot of technology to use GeneralPaths for specialized shapes like triangles and stars, I defined my own Path class which has the code here:

public static abstract class Path extends Element {
    protected GeneralPath sh = new GeneralPath();
    private Point or;
    private int w, h;
    enum Quadrant {I, II, III, IV}
    private Quadrant q;
    protected LinkedList<Point> points = new LinkedList<Point>();
    public Path(Point start, Point end, Color l, Color f) {
        or=new Point(start.x,start.y);
    protected abstract void setPoints();
    public Shape getShape() {
        return sh;
    protected Quadrant getQuadrant(Point origin, Point end) {
        if(origin.x>end.x&&origin.y>end.y) {
            return Quadrant.II;
        } else if(origin.x>end.x&&origin.y<end.y) {
            return Quadrant.III;
        } else if(origin.x<end.x&&origin.y<end.y) {
            return Quadrant.IV;
        } else {
            return Quadrant.I;
    public LinkedList<Point> transformedQuads() {
        int xt=1;
        int yt=1;
        LinkedList<Point> ps = (LinkedList<Point>) points.clone();
        float gx=0;
        float gy=0;
        for(Point p : ps) {
            if(p.x>gx) {
            if(p.y>gy) {
        for(Point p : ps) {
            float acrossx = p.x*w;
            float acrossy = p.y*h;
            float newx = acrossx/gx;
            float newy = acrossy/gy;
            p.x=(int) newx;
            p.y=(int) newy;
        System.out.println(ps.get(0).x+","+ps.get(0).y+" "+
                ps.get(1).x+","+ps.get(1).y+" "+
        if(q==Quadrant.II) {
        } else if(q==Quadrant.III) {
        } else if(q==Quadrant.I) {
        for(Point p : ps) {
        return ps;
    public void addPoint(Point p) {
    protected void update() {
        sh = new GeneralPath();
        LinkedList<Point> ts=transformedQuads();
        Point start=ts.getFirst();
        sh.moveTo(start.x, start.y);
        for(Point c : ts) {
            if (c!=ts.getFirst()) {
    public void modify(Point start, Point end) {
    public static class RightTriangle extends Path {
        public RightTriangle(Point start, Point end, Color l, Color f) {
            super(start, end, l, f);
        protected void setPoints() {
            addPoint(new Point(0,0));
            addPoint(new Point(2,0));
            addPoint(new Point(2,2));
    public static class PointStar4 extends Path {
        public PointStar4(Point start, Point end, Color l, Color f) {
            super(start, end, l, f);
        protected void setPoints() {
            addPoint(new Point(0,5));
            addPoint(new Point(4,4));
            addPoint(new Point(5,0));
            addPoint(new Point(8,4));
            addPoint(new Point(10,5));
            addPoint(new Point(8,8));
            addPoint(new Point(5,10));
            addPoint(new Point(8,4));
    public static class IsoscelesTriangle extends Path {
        public IsoscelesTriangle(Point start, Point end, Color l, Color f) {
            super(start, end, l, f);
        protected void setPoints() {
            addPoint(new Point(3,0));
            addPoint(new Point(3,3));
            addPoint(new Point(2,3));

It so ends up that my program flawlessly creates Rectangle2D's and Ellipse2D's and Line2D's but not Paths. What actually happens is I get moving dots (that look sort of like miniturized versions of my shape) moving when I move the mouse and being created when I click. I'm sure theres just a small bug in my code (I think it's in the Quadrant section but I can't tell) somewhere that bring the whole thing crashing down. Please help.

Thanks for your help in advance, Xanbkn

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2 notes for better help sooner. 1) Post an SSCCE (pscode.org/sscce.html) 2) Ask a question more specific than (the rather pathetic) 'help?'. –  Andrew Thompson Feb 15 '11 at 14:04
this question has nothing to do with 'findbugs' as tagged –  MeBigFatGuy Mar 13 '11 at 22:35
@MeBigFatGuy - thanks for pointing it out. Next time you can edit the question yourself and remove the tag! –  Grzegorz Oledzki Mar 16 '11 at 21:47

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