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I need to map a list from destination object to source, using a public method on the source object.


public class Destination
    private IList<int> List = new List<int>();
    public void Add(int i) { List.Add(i); }

public class Source
    public int[] List { get; set; }

So in pseudo-pseudo language the mapping should be: Mapper.CreateMap foreach item in Source.List, invoke Source.Add(item)

Can this be done?

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Yes. Use the ConvertUsing syntax:

Mapper.CreateMap<Source, Destination>()
    .ConvertUsing(s =>
                        var d = new Destination();
                        foreach(var i in s.List)
                        return d;
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Excellent, Thanks! –  jaspernygaard Feb 17 '11 at 13:16
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I don't think so.

AutoMapper custom type converters accept only source and they return destination.

But, why don't you just implement an implicit type conversion from int[] to Destination? http://www.csharphelp.com/2006/10/type-conversion-and-conversion-operators-in-c/

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It's not because of type convertion, but rather due logic which needs to be performed when assigning (two way bindings in nhibernate) in the Add method –  jaspernygaard Feb 15 '11 at 13:55
Yes, your implementation of implicit convertion operator will do foreach(var item in source) this.List.Add(item); –  Jakub Konecki Feb 15 '11 at 13:56
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