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I am looking for some quick metrics to take to measure the similarity between two sets of points, such as distance between centroids, amount of overlap etc

I would ideally like to take a few more metrics to improve the accuracy of the basic similarity measurements, but the key feature is that they ideally need to be fast and scalable.

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Not knowing the application, similarity could mean anything.

  • The number of points.
  • The dimension of the points.
  • The average, variances, and covariances of the coordinates.
  • The position, volume, or orientation of a bounding box of type ...
  • The radius and position of a smallest enclosing ball.
  • The volume and ... of the convex hull.
  • The ... of clusters of kind ...
  • The density of points in ...
  • The ... of ...
  • ...

There is probably a real-world reason R why a set of points P are distributed in a certain way. So try to deduce R, and compare the R's for similarity instead.

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