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Hey I am currently using the following code

Dim flickr As New Flickr("apikey")

Dim test As New Photos
test = flickr.PhotosGetRecent(5, 5)

For Each [Photo] As FlickrNet.Photo In test.PhotoCollection

But this only returns the Most Recent photos uploaded to flick in General, I only want my own ones. Is this possible ?


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Yes. You have you use PhotosSearch instead, and sort by DateUploaded.

Dim flickr As New Flickr("apikey")

Dim options As New PhotoSearchOptions()
options.UserId = "myuserid@n01"
o.SortOrder = PhotoSearchSortOrder.DatePostedDescending
o.PerPage = 5
o.Page = 1

Dim test As Photos = flickr.PhotosSearch(options)

... etc
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