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Possible Duplicate:
How to decode string to XML string in C#

I'm calling a webservice which returns XML. If I'm using SOAP, all is fine, I get valid XML back. If however I use POST to get the return value, the XML arrives encoded as the content of the response. This means, all < and > are replaced with &lt; and &gt;.

Is there a way to convert the string back into valid XML? I don't want to use a RegEx or to replace manually since I'm sure that there are a couple of other characters that have been encoded besides the < and >.

Framework is .NET 3.5

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You can use HttpServerUtility.HtmlDecode(encodedString) to return the decoded string.

Appropriate msdn link HtmlDecode

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For some reason HttpServerUtility.HtmlDecode is not exist for me.

Try HttpUtility.HtmlDecode to solve this problem.

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