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How to list history of elements with attribute events?
If I use "-minor", then all the minor events are listed but I want the attributes attached to each version of the elements only.

For example, the following will be an ideal result:

\feecalc-jcc\test.txt  \main\1  mkattr  Added attribute "FIXES" with value "NONE".
\feecalc-jcc\test.txt  \main\1  mkattr  Added attribute "FIXES" with value "CJA-1".
\feecalc-jcc           \main\2  checkin Added file element "test.txt".

With -minor I got a lot more like:

\feecalc-jcc\test.txt       protect CHOWN vobadm

Thank you for your suggestion

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Thank you very much –  Raistlin Feb 15 '11 at 18:13
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Considering the way lshistory (man page), the simplest way would be to still use -minor, and "grep attribute" the result.

Includes less important events in the listing: attaching of attributes, version labels, and so on. For type objects and storage pools, minor events include rename operations and changes to pool parameters (mkpool –update).

That option is the only one with attribute-related event mentioned.

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Thank you very much –  Raistlin Feb 15 '11 at 18:14
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