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I am dynamically generating some c# code using the CodeDom. I want to ad a type alias to the namespace. Something like:

namespace MyNameSpace
   using Timer = System.Threading.Timer; 

I'm able to create the namespace but do not know how to create the type alias. Code so far:

CodeCompileUnit unitCompile = new CodeCompileUnit();
CodeNamespace nsScript = new CodeNamespace("MyNamespace");

How to add the "using Timer = System.Threading.Timer;" statement to the namespace?

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You can directly use in the CodeNamespaceImport class.

CodeNamespaceImport cd = 
    new CodeNamespaceImport("Timer = System.Threading.Timer");

It will generate classes like this.

using Timer = System.Threading.Timer;

I tried with VB.Net and it works. I didn't try with C#.

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