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  • How to find the threading models supported by a predefined out-of-process (EXE-based) Server:

  • Using oleview?

  • Or any other valid methods?


  • Attempting to connect to the above described server to receive event notifications
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Check this article support.microsoft.com/kb/q150777. –  Ismael Feb 1 '09 at 20:32

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I'm afraid the question is wrong.

Threading models (STA, MTA, etc) are a necessary evil that apply only to in-process COM objects, where objects and clients need to coexist in the same process and somehow they must prevent stepping on each other's toes (a fun and lengthy topic).

Out-of-process (EXE) COM servers live in their own process and manage their own threading as they see fit. COM doesn't know -- and doesn't care.

So there isn't any "threading model" (in a COM sense) associated with an EXE.

It sounds like you have a specific problem: If you post more details, I/someone/we might be able to help.

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The absolute minimum amount of registry entries for a class is:

  • LocalServer32\ (path to executable) - Location of local out-of-process EXE server
  • InprocServer32\ (path to DLL) - Location of local in-process DLL server


{CLSID}\LocalServer32 = <full path>ServerExecutable
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