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I need a more concise way to transform a sequence of tuples into a map of maps of maps... As a signature I get in case of Tuple4:

def tuple4Seq2MapOfMaps[A,B,C,D](seq: Seq[(A,B,C,D)]): Map[A,Map[B,Map[C,D]]]

The following code shows my recent ugly code, I stucked with (type A to D arbitrary):

type A = Int
type B = Double
type C = String
type D = Boolean
val tupleSeq = Seq[(A,B,C,D)](
val x = tupleSeq.groupBy{ _._1 }.map{ case (k,s) => (k,{ x => (x._2,x._3,x._4) }) }
val y ={ case (k,s) => (k,s.groupBy{_._1}.map{ case (k,s) => (k,{ x => (x._2,x._3) }) }) }
val z ={ case (k1,m) => (k1,{ case (k2,s1) => (k2,s1.groupBy{_._1}.map{ case (k3,s2) => (k3,{ _._2 }.head) }) }) }

val m = z(1)(1.0D)

Note the use of head at val z.

It would be nice to have a more concise way for only Tuple4, but furthermore interesting how to generalize this to TupleN (N >= 2).

Is there a nice approach in someones mind out there?

Thank you!

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The best I can come up with is,

      mapValues{ case Seq(p) => p._4 }))

Generalizing to tuples of higher arity is quite straightfoward ... just add additional nested applications of mapValues(_groupBy(_._n). ... and adjust the final pattern match accordingly.

Fully generalizing this as a function over tuples of arbitrary arity would be possible using HLists, but that would most likely be a far more heavyweight solution than is needed here. I'll leave this line of attack as an exercise for the questioner (or other commenters ;-).

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Very nice solution! Thank you! – Peter Schmitz Feb 15 '11 at 19:11
As a supplemental: One should be aware of the fact that mapValues returns a view. See Rex Kerr´s nice answer here:… – Peter Schmitz Mar 26 '11 at 14:07

I'd suggest implicits on the tuples:

implicit def Tup3Cut[A,B,C](tup: (A,B,C)) = new {
  def decapitate = (tup._2,tup._3)
implicit def Tup4Cut[A,B,C,D](tup: (A,B,C,D)) = new {
  def decapitate = (tup._2,tup._3,tup._4)

val tupleSeq = Seq((1,1d,"a",true),(1,1d,"b",true),(1,1d,"c",false),(1,2d,"c",true))

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