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In my personal c++ studies, I've focused on projects that 1) Keep me engaged and 2) Help teach a standard principle. I want to do a project with database access. Which libraries do you think best stick with the c++ programming paradigm?

I understand that this question is open to interpretation, so please elaborate on your choice.

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You might consider using the Database Template Library.

It provides a clean, iterator-based interface to access collections of records, so you can use it with all of the Standard Library algorithms. It also does a pretty good job of limiting the boilerplate you need to write to map database entities to user-defined types in your project.

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This looks most appropriate; thanks. –  Allen Feb 15 '11 at 18:20

I'm a fan of OTL (http://otl.sourceforge.net/) which also provides a clean, STL-like interface. It's worked for my needs and is simple to use.

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