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In my overlays I wrap a JavaScript Date object in a JsDate:

public final native JsDate getDueDate() /*-{
    return this["dueDate"];

However when I want to use that date in a widget, say a DateBox, I need to set the value as a Java Date. I could create a Java Date from my JsDate but I believe that adds some overhead.

Date javaDate = new Date(jsDate.getTime());

Is there a cleaner way of achieving this? What is the best way to convert a JsDate object to a Java Date object and vice-versa?

Thanks a lot

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GWT's Date implementation uses JsDate under the covers so there should be no meaningful performance penalty at all. To make things easier for consumers of the type change your overlay to return Dates instead of JsDates:

public final Date getDueDate() {
  return new Date(getDueDateNative().getTime());

private final static JsDate getDueDateNative() /*-{
  return this["dueDate"];
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Thanks Jason. After looking to the generated Javascript I have found that the compiler does not eliminate the intermediate JsDate. – Javier Ferrero Feb 15 '11 at 21:28
Yeah, since the emulated Date isn't an overlay type there will always be at least two native JS dates - the one in your overlay type and the one in the Date object. That said, I don't think having an extra JS date around is going to materially affect your application so my recommendation w.r.t. modifying the getDueDate() method on your overlay type stands. – Jason Terk Feb 15 '11 at 22:18

Jason's code doesn't work for me since getDueDateNative().getTime() returns a double and not a long. Therefore you have also to cast the value: return new Date((long) getDueDateNative().getTime());

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