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Unless I'm totally wrong, we have no boolean datatype (1 bit) in Firebird, even SQL Server. Why? I think boolean usefull in various situations... And very low space consuption...

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Firebird has booleans, in the form of the bit data type.


Converting the bit data type

The bit data type is used to hold a single boolean value, 0 or 1. MS SQL does not support assigning NULL to this fields. InterBase can emulate this with an INTEGER or a CHAR(1) data type.

The acceptable values can be restricted using domains. For more information on Firebird domains, see the Data Definition documentation.

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I disagree, Firebird does not have a bit data type also, as your post states at first, but clarifies then... what Firebird have is Integer and Chars to emulate the bit or boolean fields. – jachguate Feb 16 '11 at 15:13
I also think that emulation does not equal to the native boolean data type. – Wodzu Jun 29 '12 at 17:51

Firebird 3 will have real boolean datatype:

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you have to create domain for it

 AS smallint

and then

alter table sometable add somefield d_boolean

works perfectly at our DB :)

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