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In my WPF 4 desktop-based application I have a LINQ query that makes a join with two tables.

Here is code of function that returns results of LINQ query:

public IList GetTableData()
    IList dataList = (from dWorker in App.glidusContext.tbl_workers
         join d2 in App.glidusContext.tbl_workers_has_tbl_events
         on dWorker.workerID equals d2.workerID
         where dWorker.workerTZ == strSplit
         select new { dWorker, d2 }).ToList();
    return datalist;

Now, all what I rest to do is databind results of this LINQ query to DataGrid:

private IList currentData; //class property

public void AssignTableContentToDataContext()
currentData = GetTableData();
this.ContentDataGrid.DataContext = currentData;

And here is a XAML-code of DataGrid:

            <DataGrid x:Name="ContentDataGrid"
                  Style="{StaticResource Body_Content_DataGrid}"
                  CellStyle="{StaticResource Body_Content_DataGrid_Centering}"
                  KeyboardNavigation.TabIndex="8" SelectionChanged="ContentDataGrid_SelectionChanged" DataContext="{Binding}">
            <!--  PreviewKeyDown="DBRecord_Delete_PreviewKeyDown" -->
            <!--  CellEditEnding="ContentDataGrid_CellEditEnding" -->
                <DataGridTextColumn Header="{x:Static res:Resources.WinSafetyByEmployee_DataGrid_ColHead_WorkerID}"
                                    Binding="{Binding Path=workerID}" />
                                <DataGridTextColumn Header="{x:Static res:Resources.WinSafetyByEmployee_DataGrid_ColHead_workerTZ}"
                                        Binding="{Binding Path=workerTZ}" />
                <DataGridTextColumn Header="{x:Static res:Resources.WinSafetyByEmployee_DataGrid_ColHead_WorkerFirstName}"
                                    Binding="{Binding Path=workerFirstName}" />
                <DataGridTextColumn Header="{x:Static res:Resources.WinSafetyByEmployee_DataGrid_ColHead_WorkerLastName}"
                                    Binding="{Binding Path=workerLastName}" />
                <DataGridTextColumn Header="{x:Static res:Resources.WinSafetyByEmployee_DataGrid_ColHead_EventID}"
                                    Binding="{Binding Path=eventID}" />
                <DataGridTextColumn Header="{x:Static res:Resources.WinSafetyByEmployee_DataGrid_ColHead_EventName}"
                                    Binding="{Binding Path=eventName}" />

After debug I got the following results:

  1. My query returs rows with results
  2. My DataGrid shows lines, according to number of lines in query result but they are blank!

So how can I databind this data and show them in DataGrid?

P.S. In case of more simple query such as select * from table all works fine and DataGrid shows data, but when I use more complex queries with more than one table (make join) I can't Databind it correctely.


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LINQ join works different from SQL join. It doesn't merge different sources in one plain source. So change each binding in the DataGrid like in this example:

{Binding Path=workerID}


{Binding Path=dWorker.workerID}

Or d2.workerID, I don't know the properties of these classes, but the mistake is in the bindings.

And don't forget to set IsReadOnly="True" in the DataGrid, because otherwise it will raise an exception if to start editing.

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Thank you. It works! –  Mike Feb 15 '11 at 19:03

You dont have to use entity alias in your binding clause. Just put the column name on the Binding clause

<DataGridTextColumn Width="200" Header="CPF" IsReadOnly="True" Binding="{Binding Path=NumeroDoc}">

Remove .ToList() from your code, returning a IEnumerable object

public static IEnumerable getQueryTable()
        var dataList = (from c in App.DbContext.Cliente
                 join d in App.DbContext.DadosDocumento
                 on c.IDCliente equals d.IDCliente
                 select new { c.IDCliente, c.Nome, c.DataCadastro, d.NumeroDoc });
        return dataList;

And fill the datagrid using ItemsSource property:

dgDados.ItemsSource = DBHelper.getQueryTable();

It works fine for me.

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