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One of my queries is returning the below interval. Istead of showing 6 days, I would like to show 6 x 24 + 19 hours. I would rather not convert to epoch using the extract (epoch from ...) operator. Is there a quick an easy way to do it?

 6 days 19:18:21
(1 row)
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Something like this could probably help:

# select to_char('6 days 19:18:21'::interval, 'DD x 24 + HH24 hours');
 06 x 24 + 19 hours
(1 row)
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Szymon, thanks. How about if I wanted to show the entire interval as the total number of hours? eg. 163.305833 hours (since 6 days 19 hours 18 minutes 21 seconds = 163.305833 hours) – Chirag Patel Feb 15 '11 at 21:04
select extract('epoch' from '6 days 19:18:21'::interval) / 3600; – Szymon Lipiński Feb 15 '11 at 22:01

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