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I'm getting my feet wet with the development of Facebook applications and was curious if anyone here had some feedback on the subject? I understand that FBML has now gone the way of the dodo, and before making the plunge want to be sure I'm not ignoring the favored language for Facebook application creation. I'd hate to get knee-deep in code only to discover the notoriously quirky Facebook deals far better with one programming language over another.

Is there a consensus on this yet, or is it too preferential to say?

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I believe the best answer is "Aka Manah", but that's just me. – DwB Feb 15 '11 at 18:15

I'm a huge fan of the new Facebook Graph API which I believe has replaced a lot of reliance on FBML, and has definitely replaced mine. It is really easy to use, and can be simply accessed in any language. In my opinion, PHP is the easiest language to use with Facebook applications, mostly because of their supported SDK.

Best, Macy

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