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In vs 2008 when opening a Report (rdlc) there was an option for Report Data Sources. I don't see this in vs 2010. How can I find it in 2010?

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Using the Menu Item

You should see it under View -> Report Data (tends to only be present while a Report is the active window)

Use the keyboard short cut

While a Report is the active window press ALT-CTRL-D

Using the command window

in the Command Window type >View.ReportData again the active window must be a Rdlc or you'll get the error "Command "View.ReportData" is not available."

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Yes, I see it now. But it does not let me select a DataSet that I can see in the data explorer. (Seems like this interface for the reports has changed drastically.) –  Alex Feb 16 '11 at 18:33

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