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I'm getting an error when i try to commit changes to my project, it's complaining about path not found (on the repository)

$ svn ci -m"common CF01ServerProxy"
Sending        src\com\...\TransportClient.java
Adding         src\com\...\app\common\TransportDestination.java
Deleting       src\com\...\app\common\transport\Codec.java
svn: Commit failed (details follow):
svn: '/public/!svn/bc/Common/trunk/src/com//common/transport/serialisers/Serialiser.java' path not found

I can't understand how can I fix that

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Are you using any IDE or tool? Did you do anything strange before this started happening? Did anything strange happen before this started happening? –  Pedro Loureiro Feb 15 '11 at 18:17

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If you look at the svn path, the last line, It has two forward slashes after com:


My guess would be that is causing the issue and the path needs to be reset for that repository

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sorry the // is just a copy/paste typo, I was trying to get rid of so many irrelevant directories in my path –  Charbel Feb 16 '11 at 16:47

Acording to this thread, you aren't pointing correctly to your repository



In the Terminal, you could go into your existing working copy, the one you use with svnX, and type "svn info", which will show you the correct URL.

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I am not sure why SVN behaves this way, the issue was due to the deleted file/directory never actually been created in the repository.

it could be actually an issue with the client (subclipse in this case)

I was inside eclipse, I created a class, and then I add it to svn (without commiting, so nothing went to the repository) and then I renamed it (so it marks it as a delete and add a different)

and then when I tried to commit, it tried to delete the first instance which was never created... that's my theory

to fix it, I had to revert the directory, and then add the file, and then commit, and then delete it and then commit again..... not ideal

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