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I have a DataGrid in WPF. The DataGrid is bound to data in a DataTable. The DataGrid has ItemsSource="{Binding}". There are no set DataGridTextColumn entries. The DataTable columns/rows are determined dynamically through database tables.

In the example below the database column names are put into a list and the DataTable is setup so there is a name in the first column and a series of integer values following:

DataTable theDataTable= new DataTable();
theDataTable.Columns.Add("Name", typeof(string));
for(int i = 0; i < columnNameList.Count ; i++)
    theDataTable.Columns.Add(columnNameList[i], typeof(int));

Next the DataGrid is associated (bound) to the DataTable

theDataGrid.DataContext = theDataTable;

Next the rows are setup in the DataTable. Again, the number of rows is determined by users in the database. User names are put into a list after a database call. Row values are defaulted to zero.

for (int i = 0; i < usersNames.Count ; i++)
    DataRow newDataRow = theTradersDataTable.NewRow();
    newDataRow["Name"] = usersNames[i];

    for(int j = 0; i < columnNameList.Count ; j++)
        newDataRow[columnNameList[j]] = 0;

Following the DataGrid setup, I connect to an API that provides callbacks with user information updates. Upon the update, I determine the row and column that should be update the underlying DataTable which in turn updates the DataGrid. This all works just fine.

//inside some API callback
theDataTable.Rows[rowNumber][columnNumber] = someDataSentInViaAPI;

Finally the question: How do you update a particular cell's color of the DataGrid based on the value in that cell. Upon callbacks from the API where I receive the data, the cells are updating continuously. So I'd like to update the color of the cell as the updates come in.

I am not married to my design. I do not want to make this model fit based on code I've already done. I am up for most any idea but I would prefer not to hard code column names. I would also prefer a method that allows me to check a cell's color and then only repaint if necessary (for speed/CPU reasons). Thank you in advance for all help.

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Look into data triggers. The following Stack Overflow question can give you an example.

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