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I would like to generate the classic 4-panel, framed RDoc format, with working hyperlinks. Any suggestions of which RDoc to install?

My ruby 1.8.6 installation has an RDoc that generates the 4-panel format, but files aren't hyperlinked. My ruby 1.9.2 installation generates the non-frame Darkfish format, which is not what I want. I've tried installing older versions of RDoc in my 1.9.2 installation, but somehow I always get Darkfish format. Is there an rdoc command flag I should be using to prevent that?

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rdoc accepts a template parameter that lets you override the template as described at

I couldn't get his solution to work for the Rails docs though.

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You can use the Fivefish RDoc generator. It should work as follows:

gem install rdoc-generator-fivefish 
rdoc -f fivefish lib/ ext/ *.md # get all the files in your project

Hope that helps.

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