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I need to round some times. I would like to know how I can round a time to the next hour and use that as an int in PHP.


24:00:02 -> 25  
33:15:05 -> 34  
48:40:30 -> 49

Any ideas?

Regards Claudio

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Are the times strings? –  Tim Feb 15 '11 at 18:34
Assuming that is HOURS:MINUTES:SECONDS you've got there, in terms of time duration? –  Chris Baker Feb 15 '11 at 18:35

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If you handle the time string like a number, PHP treats it like one and removes everyting but the first digits.

print '48:40:30' + 1; # 49
print '30:00:00' + 1; # 31
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This would work to increment the values by one, but is not "rounding" in any sense of the word - which is what the OP is asking for. It fails to take in to account the values for minutes and seconds. –  Chris Baker Feb 15 '11 at 18:54
@Chris: From the examples, it is clear that OP wants to ceil, not round. I used the example of 30:00:00 to make sure that was understood. –  Tim Feb 15 '11 at 19:07
The original examples did ask for this as Tim describes, though all of us scrambled for a 'rounding' solution in the traditional sense. –  DeaconDesperado Feb 15 '11 at 19:10
this work, then i use ceil($timevalue + 1) –  Claudio Feb 15 '11 at 19:13

You'd want something like DateTime::setTime. Use the date functions to extract the hours/minutes/seconds, figure out if the hour needs to be incremented, then set the hour to the appropriate value and zero out the minutes and seconds.

hmm. on reading your question again, something like this:

$sec = date('s', $timevalue);
$min = date('i', $timevalue);
$hour = date('G', $timevalue);

if (($sec > 0) or ($min > 0)) { $hour++; } // if at x:00:01 or better, "round up" the hour
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I am assuming the format you're using is HOURS:MINUTES:SECONDS, expressing a duration of time rather than a time of day, and I'll assume that you've got this value as a string. In which case, your solution is a home-brew function, as this is a pretty specific case. Something like this:

function roundDurationUp($duration_string='') {
     $parts = explode(':', $duration_string);
     // only deal with valid duration strings
     if (count($parts) != 3)
       return 0;

     // round the seconds up to minutes
     if ($parts[2] > 30)

     // round the minutes up to hours
     if ($parts[1] > 30)

     return $parts[0];

print roundDurationUp('24:00:02'); // prints 25
print roundDurationUp('33:15:05'); // prints 34
print roundDurationUp('48:40:30'); // prints 49

Try it: http://codepad.org/nU9tLJGQ

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function ReformatHourTime($time_str){
                $min_secs = substr($time_str,3);
                $direction = round($min_secs/60);

                if($dir == 1){
                    return $time_str+1;
                    return floor($time_str);
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