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There are two (or more) computers on LAN with internet access.

They have the same:

  • operating system,
  • browser and browser version,
  • user name.

    They are visiting my webpage which can use js and php to retrive informations.

    Is there any way I can find differences between these clients with retrived information? Which informations are different?

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    Set a (random valued) cookie or a session.

    The two machines will have unique identities.

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    Their IP addresses would be different, unless they're using a proxy and/or NAT firewall. That information can be retrieved trivially via $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']. There may an X-Forwarded-For header that some proxies might put in place, revealing the internal address, but it's not guaranteed to be there, and definitely not guaranteed to be reliable.

    There's a few client-side tricks you can use to get machine's local address, but again, if they're behind a NAT firewall and/or proxy, there's no guaranteed that both machines aren't on two seperate networks and both coincidentally have the same private IP address.

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