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My latest released program is version, but since it's just in beta I wanted to change our software version to

I changed the product code and changed the version number to I also removed the isPreventDowngrade. I also added a major upgrade item that upgrades on a product version from to, so it should upgrade all the programs.

I also make it that it completely uninstalls before installing a new setup.

When I install the new project, it keeps the old assemblies in the folder (.Net)

The project type is basic MSI.

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I made it work by going in the "Application Data/Files and Folders" tab, selecting all the destination files (especially the primary outputs), right clicking them and selecting "Always overwrite".

I tried without doing this step and it would uninstall all the assemblies and not install the assemblies since they were of a lower version.

I hope this helps anyone that encounters the same problem.

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