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I have a large table (24 columns) that's using the tablesorter plugin, to save some space I'm using vertical images to display the titles within the header.

I have a click event attached to a few selected images, this will open up a second table (via jquery dialog) next to the header title that was clicked. The issue I'm having is that when i click on the image the tablesorter is also sorting the column (which i don't want to happen) so i was trying to find a way to disable the sorting in some way, but only when i click on the title image.

Any help would be greatly appricated!

HTML Code:

<table class="tablesorter" id="sales">
  <th class="sales header" id="th_1"><img alt="" src="name.png" id="Name" onclick="openHeaderGeneric(this)"></th>
  <th class="sales header" id="th_2"><img alt="" src="date.png" id="Date" onclick="openHeaderGeneric(this)"></th>       

Here is the JS:

function openHeaderGeneric(element)
// event triggered by clicking on img (title) not header (th)
var thId = $('#' +'id');
var imageId =;
var offset = $("th#" + thId).offset();
var top =;
var left = offset.left;
// get width of td cell (+8 for padding)
var tdWidth = thId.split('_');
tdWidth = tdWidth[1];
var width = $("td.col_" + tdWidth).width();
left = left + width + 8;

$.fx.speeds._default = 1000;

$("#" + imageId + "_wrapper").dialog( 
    autoOpen : false,
    show : "slide",
    hide : "slide",
    width : "auto",
    resizable : false,
    modal : false,
    position : [ left, top ]

if (!$("#" + imageId + "_wrapper").dialog("isOpen"))
    $("#" + imageId + "_wrapper").dialog("open");
else if ($("#" + imageId + "_wrapper").dialog("isOpen"))
    $("#" + imageId + "_wrapper").dialog("close");

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Add this before defining your click events. Or, if you only want to disable it for certain headers, use the IDs:


Or, if you want to be smarter about it:

jQuery.each($('.header img'), function(i, elem) {
  if ($(elem).data('events') !== undefined && $(elem).data('events').click !== undefined) {

Should work I believe.

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You are right about unbinding the click. i just had to recall the tablesorter function again after. Thanks!! – Gray Feb 16 '11 at 20:24

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