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I was wondering how would one go about writing custom exception handlers.

so that I can do something like

throw new dbException($sql, $message);

and have it output

There was an error in your query Message: {$message here}
Query: {$sql here}
Line: {line exception was thrown on}
File: {file exception was thrown from}

but I also want to to catch eg syntax errors and parse errors (if possible)

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You'll need a distinct handler for exceptions and errors. Parsing errors usually cannot be catched however. – mario Feb 15 '11 at 20:17
Syntax/Parse errors are uncatchable, because they occur while php is being tokenized (by the lexer) and not in runtime. You can however, catch fatal errors (E_USER_ERROR) but it is your last chance to log any information before the script is being halted. – ludesign Feb 15 '11 at 20:17
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Well, you can extend the Exception class however you like. For custom exceptions, you might want to check out the post:

You should also find this thread useful:

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Unless I am misunderstanding your question, you should be able to extend PHP's Exception class.

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Why don't use just write your own exception class derived from the standard base exception? See extending exceptions manual.

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