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I have some anchors in HTML that have a class of "attrs":

<a href="#" class="attrs">sample</a>

I use this jQuery code to bind to those elements unobtrusively, and I am just doing a simple alert for test purposes:

$(".attrs").click(function() {

This works just dandy in Firefox and Safari on Mac, fails unreliably in Firefox on Windows, and fails completely with an "undefined" in the alert on IE 7 & 8.

Note that if I change 'text' to 'href', then the alert comes up appropriately.

This seems like very simple, very basic code. I can not imagine why/how Windows browsers would behave incorrectly on something so simple. Can anyone offer anything here?

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You should call:


To get the text content from that anchor node.

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Thanks Andy, that works reliably in all of them that I've checked. – AKWF Feb 15 '11 at 21:16

Remove the attr function, and you don't have to use jQuery to get to this:

$(".attrs").click(function() {

This seems to work.

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Well, thats because you don't have a text attribute for the a element.

Try this, if you want to alert the content of a:

$(".attrs").click(function() {
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