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I have a rails application that needs to refer to another rails application to populate some of it's models, and am using Active Resource to do it.

When I need to hit a route like:


There is no problem at all, I can use the automatic mapping just fine...

But, I ALSO need to be able to handle a route like:


And this is where I'm stuck.

Just looking at the docs, it LOOKS like this might count as a custom restful route, in which case I would be stuck doing the horribly messy looking:


Which not only looks terrible, ALSO does not work (the rails app that actually has the data sees


with no id in there. Which, you know, is cool since things get even MORE complicated and the "Channel" model in that other rails object is being built from a legacy database that doesn't have rails in mind (and hence no "id" column). Instead, it uses "station_id".

So, if I HAVE to use that messy Channel.get method, how can I make sure it sets the id correctly? CAN I do this from the ActiveResource app, or is there something I need to change in the source rails app?

Edit: Just in case someone suggests it, I HAVE tried Channel.first.get(:programs, :id => 1) but that just gets me a route like:


Maybe I'll have to abandon restful routes and just pull the id from there....but I really don't want to...

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look into something called prefix_options

self.prefix_options[:channel_id] = <some channel_id>
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