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io:format calls in common_test modules don't come to the user console, although error_log messages do. I can't figure out where io:format calls DO go, either. Running ack in my repo on relevant strings turns up nothing. Does anyone know where they go?

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Define {logdir, "logs"}. in your spec and then the io:format goes to the log. It is done by setting the group_leader via erlang:group_leader/2 to capture the IO output from your tests.

The actual output is underneath the respective test case in the log output of that test case. logs/index.html is your starting point to peruse.

Finally, it is somewhat loosely documented in section 6.9.

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also, you can use ct:print to print stuff to the console when testing with common_test. – Lukas Feb 15 '11 at 23:32

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