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How to prevent duplicates in rake task ? I have tried to write something but are totally blank.

I want to check if the coloum Date matches the date today if that is true then just update the coloum with the scraped data unless create a new row with the scraped data.

    desc "Importer statistikker"
    namespace :reklamer do
      task :import_stats => :environment do
        require 'Mechanize'
        agent =

        form =
        form.Username = 'username'
        form.Password = 'password'
        form.submit => "/Publisher/Stats").click
        form =

        @stats ='//tr')[-2].search('td').map{ |n| n.text }
        if Reklamer.find(:all) where colom is = if turns true 
          then update that row with @stats
          Reklamer.create!(:virksomhed => 'Iqmedier', :dato => @stats[0], :unik_klik => @stats[1], :klik => @stats[2].to_i, :unik_vis => @stats[3], :vis => @stats[4], :leads => @stats[5], :ordre => @stats[6], :cpc => @stats[7], :earn => @stats[8])

Best regards, Rails beginner

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This will get closed quickly unless you ask a very specific question. – Alex Wayne Feb 15 '11 at 21:32
Can you please ask a question? You aren't asking a question in your post. It might be clearer if you explain what you are trying to accomplish as well. – Pan Thomakos Feb 15 '11 at 21:32
Is it more clearly now? :) – Rails beginner Feb 15 '11 at 21:46
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Here is what you probably want to do:

existing = Reklamer.find(:first, :conditions => {:column =>})
if existing.nil?
  Reklamer.create! :virksomhed => 'Iqmedier', :dato => @stats[0], ...
  existing.update_attributes :virksomhed => 'Iqmedier', :dato => @stats[0], ...

This code will check if a Reklamer object already exists with column being equal to It will then either update the existing one or create a new one.

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