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After making a few changes to my already-deployed Grails app, I attempted to recompile the WAR file, and started receiving this error (obviously shorted a bit):

org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error creating bean 
    with name 'pluginManager' defined in ServeletContext resource
    [/WEB-INF/applicationContext.xml]: Invocation of init method failed;
    nested exception is java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Lorg/quartz/Scheduler;
Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Lorg/quartz/Scheduler;
Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.quartz.Scheduler

I haven't had any problems with Quartz before this with this app. grails clean and deleting every part of my cache (including the .ivy2 folder) hasn't helped. Googling hasn't returned anything useful. Help?

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I know you said you did a clean and deleted your cache. Did you also blow away your ~/.grails directory (at least the part for your project?) Also, do you get this same error both with generating a war and running a plain grails run-app? – proflux Feb 16 '11 at 10:29
Oh yes, I did that many, many times. The only times I get the same error is when I generate the war and place it in a servlet container (like Tomcat) or if I use the run-war command. – Pat Feb 16 '11 at 20:05
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Ugh. I finally figured out the cause of the problem. My app is using the Grails Webflow plugin, which is not included by default with 1.3.3 and higher. So, I had to find it from other sources. Namely, other Maven repositories.

Even though I only needed the Webflow plugin, each time I would download all of the resources, I would pull in an extremely large amount. I can only assume that the jar were overwriting the jars I already had in place. After some digging, I was able to find the repository that was causing the problems, and deleted it from my BuildConfig.groovy file.

Now that's a headache.

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which plugin did you install or delete? Can you please be more specific? – biniam_Ethiopia Jul 8 '15 at 16:13
I'd love to be more specific, but this was over 4 years ago. – Pat Jul 8 '15 at 17:52

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