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I currently use Toad for MySQL to execute random queries on my MySQL databases, but it just seems like that tool is more geared for people who want to actually write SQL scripts, as opposed to just using it to write one-line queries and see results.

The only real problem I have with Toad is that there are major bugs when it comes to switching servers and it has random (but frequent) periods when it says there is a query running after I perform a SELECT statement and the results have been displayed for a half hour. It gives you the option to cancel the query, but that will take about another 10 minutes before it cancels. I have to keep exiting the program via Task Manager and starting it up again, which has pushed me over the edge.

I would just use PuTTY to view the database, but it comes out very hard to read because of text-wrapping (any tables with more than a few columns start wrapping around).

So I'm looking for a free tool that will allow me to connect to one or more MySQL servers, write one or more queries, and choose which (or all) to execute, then display the results, one record on one row with no text wrapping. I'm using Windows 7 Pro and connecting to MySQL databases residing on Ubuntu servers, usually connecting via SSH, but I'm sure I could figure out how do it with TCP if needed.

I can live with it if Toad is my best choice, but I'm hoping there's something out there that better suits my needs.

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My first choice would be


I have been using it for a while and it pretty much serves the purpose and its free.

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So far, after a little customization, HeidiSQL seems like exactly what I'm looking for. The only small thing I don't like about it is, when executing a single query in the editor, if you have your cursor after the semicolon at the end of the query, but still on the same line, it attempts to execute the next query. It makes sense, since your cursor is positioned after the semicolon, but Toad was smart enough to realize that since you're still on that line, that that is the query you want to execute. Just gets annoying since the cursor is automatically there when I get done typing the query. –  Travesty3 Feb 16 '11 at 22:58
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The best tool I know is Navicat. Sadly not free after the thirty day trial period. A non-commercial licence for the Windows version is only $99 though.

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Second Navicat. The query building on the pro version is AMAZINGLY powerful. Can be used in a freeware version if you don't care about query builder....but trust me, once you use it you won't want to let go of that tool. –  bpeterson76 Feb 15 '11 at 23:16
I tried Navicat, and it looked extremely promising. The deal-breaker for me was when you have multiple different queries in one editor and you want to choose which to run. Either you have to highlight the entire query or position your cursor at the beginning of the statement. Or you can put one query in each tab, but that will get very cluttered IMO. For my purposes, HeidiSQL seems to be a better choice. Thank you for the suggestions, though! –  Travesty3 Feb 16 '11 at 23:03
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