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I want to set an env variable that has the DOC_ROOT info but nothing

SetEnv LAYOUT_HOME  %{ENV:PROJECT_BASE}"/html/app/wordpress/"

and then be able to access LAYOUT_HOME in php

How can I do this?

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Variables are accesible via :

$_SERVER["LAYOUT_HOME"] and $_SERVER["PROJECT_BASE"] global variable.

A simple test if to execute the next command in php

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

and check if the variable is present and is defined.

If not, then may be exist some restricting in the php installation ( for example in a share ambiance - sharedhosting)

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well the problem is in htaccess file... i cant access the variables im using SetEnv with.. %{ENV:PROJECT_BASE} is not working – qodeninja Feb 15 '11 at 23:23

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