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I've built an audio recording app (like 'SpeakHere' demo from apple), and I was wondering how can I modify it to work on BACKGROUND.

Every time I enter background, the AudioQueue callback freezes, and I did not receive a single audio byte.

I've seen that the Voice Memos app on the iPhone can record in background.

Here is my callback that does not work in background:

OSStatus AQRecorder::BufferFilled_callback( 
                                       void *                               inUserData,
                                       SInt64                               inPosition,
                                       UInt32                               requestCount,
                                       const void *                         buffer,
                                       UInt32 *                             actualCount) {

    AQRecorder *aqr = (AQRecorder *)inUserData;


    int fd = open(aqr->mWriteFile, O_WRONLY|O_CREAT|O_APPEND, S_IRUSR|S_IWUSR|S_IRGRP|S_IROTH);
    if (fd) {

    *actualCount = (int)write( fd, buffer, requestCount);

    [aqr->mi setToread:[aqr->mi toread] + requestCount];

} else {

return 0;

Any thoughts?

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Did you enable background recording using the appropriate value under your app's info.plist "Required background modes" key?

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awesome! :). I was not aware about the "freezing when enters background". So I found the document that mentions the background modes. Thank you very much. –  Lucas Feb 17 '11 at 12:18

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