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I need to transfer money from PayPal account to someone's bank account via some PayPal API.

My website has pre-approval agreement with the User, and the requirement is that User logs into my website, enters target bank account details and the backend will transfer money from the User's PayPal account to the supplied bank account.

I cannot find much information on this.

Is that possible? What API to use?

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You can use PayPal's PayFlow Pro ACH Payment Service.

Here's the PayFlow Pro ACH API Doc.

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You won't be able to do that directly from a PayPal to a bank account. The ACH documentation that @Noah Heldman linked to is only good if you're using a merchant account other than PayPal themselves with the PayFlow gateway, and it would only allow your consumers to pay you using their bank account routing and account number.

If you're using PayPal preapproval you can actually submit payments with any further authentication, so the user will not have to sign in each time they pay. Instead, they would only sign in the first time when they originally create the preapproval agreement. From that point you simply use the preapproval key within your Pay requests and since it's already been approved the payment happens immediately.

The payment would have to go to another user's PayPal account, though. Again, sending from PayPal directly to a bank account via ACH is not currently available.

Once they have the funds in their PayPal account they can easily transfer it form there to their bank. If you want to have funds automatically transferred from PayPal to the bank at the end of each day you can call PayPal and ask them to turn that feature on for you. At that point, your goal would be reached, but you just need to take a little bit of a different road to get there.

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