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i face a very strange problem (at least for me) ,i got the html layout of a web page from the designer and it is exactly the same HTML of the photoshop design..when i add the HTML tags to my ASP.Net website and add the <form runat="server"> </form> tag after the body tag..some of the divs in the footer appear differently..

here is a screenshot of how the footer should be

enter image description here

and here is how it appears now

enter image description here

Any ideas??

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Most likely there are some CSS rules applied to the <form> element which is messing up the layout. If you can post a url to a sample page then we could tell you which rule/properties are causing this.

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When i uploaded the page to the web works fine as it is supposed to be...but on my computer it appears different!? –  Khaled Feb 16 '11 at 0:44

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