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I have decided i'll have to make a mobile version of my website. so ive tried reading about and come here to confirm and get your approval.

1) I have decided im going to use jquery mobile framework to create it. what are its limitations? according to me...none. educate me.

2) I don't have a smartphone or similar? how will i test the website during development? i have read about phone emulators... what is the best phone emulator you wud recommend that emulates a vast array of phones?

3)Once ive developed the website... i'll need a smart way of phone detection... so as it redirects to mobile website... i know there are libraries for this... again i need a recommendation here

Please help me answer these questions or direct me towards the right path... i know a lot of mobile website noobs need these questions answered.

btw, my website is veepiz.com. incase that can help

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jquery mobile is good but its is still beta (or alpha?) anyway things like the animation of the slider are laggy (on an iphone 4 and htc legend). – Jason Feb 16 '11 at 2:28

Some points I know are these

Try not to use flash in your mobile website. Apple has no intention on supporting flash on their phones.

jQuery Mobile is still inn alpha, but have heard good things so far. Check out jQuery Mobile's graded browser support for the support they provide to different browsers.

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Can youtube videos be viewed on mobile phones? the only videos on mysite are from youtube.. :-) – Sir Lojik Feb 16 '11 at 2:42

1.) I would stay away from using javascript for a mobile website unless you know that the device(s) you will be targeting support javascript. Most modern smart phones support javascript but you might run into issues with older devices.

2.) I can't speak on emulators but there are a few firefox plugins that allow you to modify the headers to allow you to simulate what your site would look like on a particular mobile device.

3.) You can use an open source tool like Wurfl for device detection. It comes in several flavors including php.

As with any kind of development, it's about analyzing what your target devices/audience will be and gearing your site development towards those devices while gracefully degrading features for those devices that are't supported.

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Just read this... so it has graceful degradation for non-javascript browsers... " jQuery Mobile supports both high-end and less capable devices, such as those without JavaScript support. Progressive Enhancement consists of the following core principles (source: Wikipedia):" – Sir Lojik Feb 16 '11 at 2:41

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