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Liu Chang asked a very similar question to this one here,

Is there a windows equivalent for the Mac OS X "open" command. I'm trying to run a profiler that will open it's results, but it's looking for the "open" command. Basically, the command needs to open a file from the command prompt as if it were double-clicked on in explorer.

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The closest thing available is start.

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For me "start <filename>" just opens up a new instance of the command prompt. – Thomas Owens Feb 1 '09 at 18:17

Just typing the file name into a console window will open the file in Windows. I tried several formats - .doc opened with OpenOffice, .mp3 opened with Windows Media Player, and .txt opened with Wordpad. This is the same behavior I experience when double clicking on the files.

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I use to write

explorer.exe <file>
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Only explorer.exe appears to work under cygwin.

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